About the Author

A Tourism Management Graduate,  who believes that shopping is an exercise as much as it is a therapy. She likes to go places, and discover, thats what she developed by taking up Tourism.
She loves to write, it is her first love, she was once a Masscom Student, but failed to pursue due to certain circumstances. She blogs to express herself, and to continue her passion. She models occasionally and she sings occasionally too. She hones her writing skills through this blog and express herself.

She is Marie Coleen E. Mabitad, born on the 13th of August. Showered with so much love from her grannies who stood up as her folks, they are the ones she cannot live without. She is blessed with bloodlines who makes family reunions bearable. (She's kidding!)
Unforgettable would be the perfect word.

Blessed with 26 beautiful years of existence in this crazy world.

One goal in her life before she sleeps forever is to TRAVEL, and see the world.
New York tops her list, the city that never sleeps.
Paris, (who doesnt dream of going to Paris?)
Greece Santorini,
 and California, the Filipino's Second home.

She graduated in the number one university in her little town called CEBU, the University of San Carlos.

She is a mall rat. She thinks that Gelatissimo's Chocolate Truffles is the closest thing to heaven. She can live with chicken alone. Addicted to everything fizzzy which is SODA.

She loves spicy foods and she is a rice person. She loves dinner dates, and all dates that mainly includes eating.

She is a Shoe-a-holic aside from the fact that she is a medium shopaholic. Yes medium.
Addicted to dresses and shorts. Cheap thrills.

She has a strong belief in God, She owes it all up to him. A roman catholic that thinks religion should not be argued upon who's better and who's not, because in the end, no religion can ever save us, what matter is your faith.

Sometimes in our life we lose track of faith and hope, but God always welcomes us with open arms.
She thinks that there's good in everyone. She is uber confident (sometimes not)

She believes that victory comes in being yourself. She's a crybaby when it comes to grannies.

She does pageants way back, occasionally. She's no title holder but sees herself as a beauty queen in her own right.

And if there is one legacy in this world she would like to impart, it is to build a home for the homeless, specifically the old people, whose lives are not long enough, because she thinks that in their old age they should be in a place where care is the main concern and love is overflowing. So that in the remaining days in their lives, they  would feel loved and happy.
She pushed this advocacy by joining Miss Casino Filipino 2011.

She loves to party.

She doesnt like to have regrets. She is all out. A hopeless romantic currently writing her own fairytale.
She can cook "wife" dishes.

"You are a composition of your loved ones, of your mistakes and achievements, the things you hate and the things you love, of your dreams, beliefs and faith"
Says Coleen.

Thank you for taking time to read this self centered-ness, I am happy that you have reached towards the end.
This blog is my journal, as i live my daily life. <3

You can write your destiny.

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