Thursday, June 29, 2017

Virgin Island

 Welcome to Virgin Island! Where only virgins can enter! HAHAHA Kidding aside. Its actually my first time to visit this wonderful island. It can be reached via pumpboat from Bantayan Island. Its a must side trip when you are in Bantayan Island. If you liked Bantayan Island you'll love Virgin Island. Reminds me so much of Daku Island in Siargao.

 The island is adorned with pearls. It is very well maintained and you really get your money's worth. Entrance fee can be quite expensive if you travel by two. We travelled in group so the payment was divided into 10 which didnt hurt our wallets that much. It was so worth it.

a For this destination I saved the best one piece that I have that I havent worn yet! I got this  green one piece bathing suit from Zaful and its only under 20$. Its really affordable. The fit is true to size, Im a size medium so I give this an A. The Quality feels quite sturdy but I cant give my final verdict on that yet. For its price I think its really worth it. It also looks the same as the photo on their site. YOU really have to check them out. Like, seriously!

 All in all, it was a vacay well spent! <3

One piece suit from Zaful

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