Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Summer Ender with Zaful

In my side of the world which is the Philippines, it's summer. 
With only a few weeks left till rainy season, I am grabbing each opportunity to hit the beach, and when you say beach, the number one essential for that is swimsuit/bikinis! 

I am a known bikini hoarder, my family and friends can attest to that. I start collecting during March when summer is about to start. I make sure I have at least 1 new pair before a trip and mix and match my old ones. Sometimes I also sell/giveaway my really old ones.

I recently discovered this website that sells amazing and really cute bikinis : Zaful.com 
They have cute bikinis for all body types.

And boy the bikini hoarder in me got giddy!

This is to all my sexy people out there! If you want to flaunt your curvy hips this one's for you. The string above the pantyline gives hungs to your curves and well, simply put it will emphasize your curves.

For girls on the medium category like me, (yas I am a size medium already) Mid waists are perfect to cover up those little belly bulges! 

And lastly, the high waisted bikini, perfect for all shapes and sizes. Not to mention how cute are those scalloped pattern and bikini wraps?

Not to mention they are quite very affordable. They also offer free shipping for orders 30$ above!

Make the most out of summer mermaids! Stay wet! ;)

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