Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Sneaker Number 4: Adidas Stan Smith Floral Limited Edition

So, I altered a dress. This dress is actually plain without those pearls (yes I sew them myself and yes I know how to duh haha). Also, this dress has a really long sleeves. Its thick cotton and I just couldnt bear wearing it because its too hot in this tropical country. Not to mention its high neck. 

Since I didnt want to let this dress go just yet. I took a risk, cut off the sleeves into the length of my preference and voila! I can now see myself wearing this often. So I took this out for a spin and totally love the revamped look. Along with this dress, I also tested out my fourth sneakers, the floral Stan smiths.  I am so so so in love with this sneakers! Its a good thing that my Tita is from London and I was able to ask a favor from her to get me this as this was apparently limited edition!

This is my first look with the shoes and I plan to pair this with jeans, midi skirts, and shorts to see how versatile these sneakers can go.

What do you think?

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