Sunday, March 5, 2017

Olive Green and Sneaker Number 3: Converse All White Mesh

I used to hate the color green.  Growing up I didnt knew there were other shades of green and other shades of pink, red, etc and even white (off white, dirty white). I mean I still dont love GREEN like the Mother of all GREENS like Green but, I love its children, specifically Olive Green. Never thought I'd like olive green. And I'd never thought the color would actually compliment my skin tone.

I got this Olive Green bodysuit at F21 along with my faux leather skirt. Ive been shopping at Forever21 since forever and lately their collections are just so damn cute.

Btw, I am already on Sneakers number 3. For those of you who doesnt know I hate sneakers and I have recently become a convert, my first one's from Keds x Taylor Swift collection. It was red and full of glitters! Haha still incorporated the girl in me. My second sneaks is an all white slim converse because I like dainty sneaks. My 3rd one though is not dainty, not glittery, its still all white but its mesh, something that still holds my style. This is a very risky sneaks since I like to keep my sneakers very ME but well you gotta widen your horizons haha and surprisingly I love it.

To date I already own 5 sneakers, 2 from Keds, 2 from Converse and 1 from Adidas. Sneaker #4 and 5 soon! Also, 3 of my sneakers were given as a Valentines Gift, Random Gift and Anniversary Gift from the most supportive boyfriend ever who also doesnt tire taking my photos! I love you to bits!

F21 Bodysuit and Skirt
Converse Sneakers
Charles and Keith Bag

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