Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Full Make Up and Sneaks Number 2: Converse All White Slim

Ever since Ive invested in Make Ups,  I sometimes wear a full on makeup just because I feel like doing so. This is just one of the occasions where I did a full makeup with falsies and light contour. Ive been crazy, like crazy with makeup lately. Its ALL i ever think about. Its that bad. Although I really want to get something good out of this obsession. So I want to attend makeup workshops to further enhance my skills. If you know one do let me know.

I know that I have been on hiatus for a long while and in between the gaps I would like to let you all know that I am a sneaker convert! Yup and what you are seeing in this ensemble is actually Sneakers number two! Yas this is my second pair already, I have more than one! I am very girly so this is really new to me. Okay maybe a year ago. Haha

I got my first sneakers a year ago. So February 2016 and have been collecting ever since!

This is my first ever Converse pair and yes I have another one. I made sure I get the slim ones because they stay true to my style. I also got the white one since I didnt have a white sneakers at that time and its a staple sneaks one should have in their closet/collection.

Bazaar Find Top
Surplus Shop Jeans
Guess Bag
Converse Sneakers

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