Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Subtle Sexy and Valentines Day

Hello from 2016! Lets backtrack to the holiday's in the spirit of Chinese New Year! haha I know that I prolly dont make sense so whatever. Lets get on with the outfit! I know that the holidays is over except for CNY, but this ensemble isnt limited to the holidays because hello Valentines? Wether you are single or in a relationship Valentines is for everybody in my personal opinion. Also, Valentines can be everyday. You dont need a boyfriend if you dont have one. Spend time with yourself, learn to be comfortable in your own skin, do your make up dress up, go out or grab your sister, cousin, mom and girlfriends and have an awesome Valentines together. Its about spreading the love. All kinds of love in the world.

A sexy midi dress is perfect for any dates whoever that might be (girlfriends, family, boyfriend). Also, if youre not really the hubadera type you can throw on some blazer/cardigan and you get this look!

I really love this dress btw, it screams sexy but classy in every aspect!

If you ask me where I wore this? I actually wore this off to a bazaar and dinner. Thats it. Felt like I wanted to glam up that day sooo hihi
Dress-Online Buy
Flats- Tutum

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