Thursday, December 15, 2016

What to get Him?

 Since Christmas is fast approaching, it is only fitting that I write a post about what to get your boyfriend, boy friend, partner, husband, brother (basically all the HIM in your life). If at this point in time you still dont know what to get them, well read on darling. I know there are a ton out there that you can really get him, like a perfume, watch, belt. Those are  just a few usuals you can get your guy.

 For my boyfriend's birthday though, I got him this organizer from @talalunaco on IG and a pair of shoes. He's been wanting to get a mini bag/case that looks exactly like this (i.e can hold his basics: pen, notepad, phone, wallet and cards and a battery pack) 
 Or you can get him an All White Converse Shoes instead. Haha!
Kidding aside, this is really perfect for your go getter partner. Just make sure he's the type who doesn't mind a little handbag! hahaha Hope this helps and if not, what's important in order for you to come up with a decision is to really pay attention when you guys go out. What does he checks out in the mall and most of all pay attention to those little conversations. Sometimes they give away gift ideas. Like when my boyfriend says he needs something like this and actually found one. I just told him that it was nice and kept silent and ordered it, hoping he didn't order it for himself haha. When I really didn't like him using his worn out green converse anymore, I got him this since he was raving how one of his co workers got an all white converse and the timing was perfect since this was already released in the PH. Those are the things you should make a mental note of. And this doesnt only applies  to all the girlfriends out there. This also goes to all you guys as well!

Also, keep in mind what he loves to do, if he's into music, sports or games. There are a ton of ideas really if you want your gift to mean something put some thought into it. Even if it means a cheap but really cute socks that youre sure he'll love just because his sock game is strong then it will mean a whole lot for him.


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