Sunday, December 18, 2016

Vikings Cebu Review

 For my partner's birthday, we spent his celebratory dinner at Vikings since they are already in Cebu. When Vikings first opened the lines were crazy and I'm really not patient when it comes to long queues. So I waited for the frenzy to die down haha.
Tip : Always call to make reservations. And if you do have special request like seating arrangement always have them note down so you can be seated at your desired table/seat (i.e near the pastries/italian corner/japanese corner and etc)

Ive been to Yakimix Cebu, Buffet 101 Cebu, Tokyo Table and now Vikings. My verdict: Buffet 101 wins when it comes to Buffet/Eat All You Can. (Review on that soon!)

 The first thing that I noticed with Vikings is their interior. Its actually nice. They were really able to utilize the space. I'd give the interior a 10.

 The Halo Halo station which obviously lacked ingredients!

 Can someone explain why the fruit platter always consists of Watermelon and Pineapple? Haha

 They also have doughnuts that can pass off as J.Co's or Krispy Kremes haha Something I havent seen from other buffet restaurants.

 Compared to other buffet giants that I have visited and tried, Buffet 101 has a huge selection of desserts and pastries. Although I didnt fancy the selection except for the Taho! Its very traditional. Its the usual, the basic taho.

 Oh and they have lechon which is a plus! Something the other buffet giants dont have.

 Steak corner where the steak isnt really well done when youve asked them to have it well done. its just WELL not DONE. HARHAR

 Oh and they also have a chicharon corner too! Although I didnt fancy the other Filipino dishes that they served.

We took advantage of the "On the day Birthday" promo, where you can eat for free with at least one paying guest on the day of your birthday. They also have Eat for free on your birth month with at least four paying guests. Basically Vikings has something the others dont have but I'm going with Buffet 101 just because their food tastes better than Vikings, but that's just me.

What do you think?


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