Friday, December 30, 2016

Make Up Collection (High End) x November Haul

So, I have a new obsession. And duh you prolly got it by now based on the title. So yeah, I am obsessed with makeup and everything in the beauty corner. It started when I was very bored and you know, I watch youtube tutorials and binge watch youtube tutorials. Oh did I say watching youtube tutorials? Ya. At first my collection consisted of pure drugstore products because I thought to myself, why the hell would I pay thousands of pesos for make up. But i started practicing more and more and more. Until, the boyfriend bought me my first high end makeup (I own MAC lippies and they dont count, thats just me) and from then on I started buying high end make ups. I remember few months back I was telling my friend Jamie that I wasnt ready to purchase high ends just yet but damn here we are. So this is my first batch (yes first batch) of high end makeup collection.

lets begin!
My very first Urban Decay Palette, my very first Naked palette and my very first high end makeup! This product is where it all began. Ive been lusting over these since like ever. But I'm frugal so I really didnt bother because I was contented with the ones I have. So thankful my partner gave me a headstart! HAHAH
Next up: Too Faced Love Palette. My very First Too Faced makeup. I loooove this palette and Idk why there isnt much buzz about this palette in the vlogosphere. Although it lacks matte colors the pigmentation is sooo great! And it comes with a full sized Too Faced eyeliner.
Tarte Pretty Paintbox Collector Set. My very first Tarte makeup which I super duper duper love!!Ive seen many bad reviews about its pigmentation and I would really like to agree. The pigmentation isnt very Tarte but considering for its price its still worth it! Nothing that cant be solved with a little MAC fix plus! It comes with a blush, a bronzer and a highlighter that I absolutely love! The highlighter is just ahhh idk. For me personally its amazing! Also comes with a tarteist lip paint that I really like because its glossy and Ive always wanted to try the glossier side of lippies. A Tarteist Mascara which is a basic mascara but Tarte and a Tarteist pen eyeliner which I adore! All hearts for this set.
The Tarte Tartelette in Bloom. The second installment of the Tartelette palettes! It smells sooo soo good. I swear! And the pigmentation is really really good. It made me love matte shadows. I was more of a shimmer shadow kinda girl but this changed everything. Ugh. Love this!

Lastly, this aint high end but its part of the makeup haul! Also, a discovery. BeautyMNL. Thats where I got my City Color palette and my Bohktoh Lashes. Love these lashes btw. And they dont cost that much. Also, this WetnWild highlighter is 5 out of 10 because I just dont know how to work with it yet. And its too shimmery.

Lastly, I just wanted to remind you that F21 sales are Krazy with a K. Got both pairs for 575PhP only! Yup you read that right!

Naked 2 from Sephora SG
Tartelette in Bloom from Sephora MY
Tarte Set from Sephora US via @laxchange
Too Faced Love Palette from @usmadefashion

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