Monday, December 12, 2016

Ice Skating and A Birthday Dinner

 On Phil's (my boyfriend) birthday he wanted to Ice Skate. Imagine my frustration coming up with an outfit that would be Ice Skating appropriate and Birthday Dinner apropos. 

 Ive always imagined wearing pants on my first ice skating experience but I dont want to wear jeans to a birthday dinner. So I came up with a Jumpsuit. It gives the coverage that jeans can offer although the cloth is a bit thin. Wore something red and it was very fitting since I had this red blazer lying around the corner which I havent used yet. Now I look semi formal and semi casual.

 But to be perfectly honest, the blazer did help from the cold inside the skating rink, although it didnt help me from moving around since I am a beginner. The jumpsuit was too thin that when I fell buttfirst it became damp from the ice hahaha

Safe to say my outfit failed me during ice skating! Haha
What would you have worn? 

Jumpsuit from Mhuy Feminina
Blazer from Forever21


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