Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Why Pajama Pants Are A Great Investment?

Will always have a love affair with Pajama Pants. I love how versatile this item is. You can wear them to work, when youre lazy, when youre out and about and even to sleep! Haha duh? 
Thats why I really have a number of pajama pants in my closet because whether you pair it with flats for lazy days, you can accessorize it with a hat or whatever you can think to make it look stylish. 

Or pop on some heels to make it look chic. Bonus points on how totally comfy they are. Plus, most pajama pants if not all, are garterized! Which means you can actually eat a lot and still be comfortable. Whereas wearing jeans/trousers/body hugging skirts would make you look like you just got a baby bump!
Stock up on em now!

Top, Pants, and Hat all from SM Dept Store
Flats - Cotton On

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