Saturday, October 29, 2016

Slip On

In my line of work, I am expected to wear heels when I meet with clients. Okay maybe that's not always the case, but that's just my mindset. You got to be super presentable when you're selling millions so why not look like millions?

I wore this ensemble when I thought I had a possible client meeting. And yes I was wearing slip-ons and thought that my outfit really went well with the slip ons. Never thought I could combine such ensemble. Haha! And no, I didn't wore this flats to the meeting.

 The blazer that I'm wearing is actually one of the things I got at Pop Distict Bazaar last September. I love it!

Do I look like millions regardless if I'm wearing the slip ons? No? Maybe just 999,000? Harhar

Old Top
Forever 21 Midi Skirt
Squash Clothing Blazer
Stylehood Slip Ons

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