Sunday, October 2, 2016


I just cant emphasize how consistency is very important in everything you do. Sometimes its hard to be consistent even if what youre doing is for someone you love, or something you love. Distractions are everywhere. People change.

Its been a while since my last blogpost, but here I am, trying to be consistent with one of the things I really love doing: writing. During my short hiatus it has crossed my mind about giving up writing. Ditch this blog. But I just can't. Sometimes it's so hard to find the time to just sit down and write. Work demands a lot of time and consistency which sometimes I cant also deliver.

 It has been a hell of a week for me and if youre reading this and going through something, always remember that it's okay to rest but dont quit. Persevere. Still, go forward. Be consistent and eventually you'll get where you want to be. Lastly, always trust in God's plan and timing. These are the things I tell myself everyday. Am I in a better place now? Nope. But I'm holding on.

At least my off shoulders are consistent! Haha! Wore this on a very rainy day in Cebu! I got the chance to take my booties out for a spin!

Dress turned top- Cy
Leather Leggings-Oasap
F21 Booties

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