Thursday, October 6, 2016

Black and White

 Today's post (ootd color combo) reflects so much about my recent state right now. There are times in life that test your faith and disposition. When my Lola died, I lost all my faith in God and I turn to negativity when things wont go my way. I was un-accepting. I looked for things that I didnt have instead of appreciating the things I do have I became so self centered that when uncertainty hit me, I panicked. 

 Fortunately, life has blessed me with people who lift up my spirit and keep me grounded. Always there to make me realize the things I tend to forget. Recently my bestfriend reminded me to appreciate the things I have. A good friend of mine told me "God will provide"
Thank you Christine and Johana!

Whatever crisis you are going through right now, always remember that there is a God up there and he is always with you.

Tonight I can sleep soundly. Tomorrow, things will be better.


This is a proud kilay moment guys. Haha. 

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