Sunday, September 11, 2016

Pop District Bazaar

 Ever since I started blogging in 2011,( It was still  Wordpress back then) I have always expressed my love for bazaars. Im not so sure why but it feels very festive to me. Maybe its the fact that people who go there are in a shopping kind of mood - and it just gets to you. It makes me happy. It reminds me of Christmas. Wow, do I sound like a shopaholic? HAHAHA

 I mean yeah, there are downsides to it. Like it can get really crowded and since there are just TOO MANY shops to choose from, it gets really confusing. I didnt even know where to go first, what to get, how I'll be able to bring all my shopping bags home... there's too much a girl could only think about.

 But the upside to it is you definitely get to fin a LOT of things - knick knacks, trinkets, clothes, and some really cute stuff that you dont usually find in the malls. Most bazaars too are composed of food stallswhich works for me and my post-shopping HANGRY state haha

Pop District Bazaar is one huge Bazaar. It is usually held at Oakridge Pavilion in Cebu. The venue itself is 1200sqm and they occupy almost 3/4 of it if I am not mistaken. Did I already say it was really huge?! Not sure how much number of stalls can be found inside but a rough estimate would be 60? And not to mention there are stalls located outside of the Pavilion which consists of FOOD. Speaking of Food, Bagnet Republic (Republiq?) is the bomb! 

 This was Pop District Bazaar's first anniversary, which they started in Cebu last September; although they also had one during the summer. I just wish they'll have another one this December (fingers crossed!!).
Here are some of the stalls in the bazaar that really caught my attention . Some are just grandiose with their  displays. They just looked so darn pretty! Dont you agree?

 Made sure I was in my comfiest shoes AKA sneakers (Filling in the gaps: I am a sneakerhead convert, so far I have two, a glittery Keds and this classic all white converse. Planning to add two or three more before the year ends! HAHA). I got 4 items in the bazaar. Damage?  820 pesos! That already consists of a really cute light peach blazer and a Scalloped Cut blazer in peach still, just a bit darker. By the way both blazers are super light weight and really breathable, perfect for that tropical Philippine weather. Also, I got a choker and 2 pairs of bib for my baby brother!

   Also, for a short girl like me, I have found the perfect jeans. Theyre called Cropped Skinny. I got mine at Bershka. Its perfect for sneakers!

Hope you enjoyed my Pop District Bazaar cover! Stay tuned as my next post will be something really interesting. Clue: Babies and Outfit!

Off Shoulder Bodysuit and Pants- Bershka
Choker-Bazaar Find
Converse All White

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