Friday, September 2, 2016


After a loooooong hiatus, I am finally back to blogging. Just a few pounds heavier, a year older and wiser. So much has happened since the last time I made a blog entry, I thought that time was really my come back but alas it wasn't. I tried so hard to keep this blog alive then but it wasn't possible. Work beckons. My gadgets wont cooperate with me and I didn't want to sacrifice the quality of my content just to be able to blog for the sake of it.

Now I can really say that I am back, and hopefully for good this time. When I told a good old friend of mine that I was going back to blogging, he said, "You'll have lot's of competition this time." And I thought to myself, "Yes, I will." But you know what, that's not really why I'm into this. My purpose for this blog is to express myself through fashion and hone my writing skills.

To fill you in during my hiatus, I've been to places (locally) which I really wished I was able to make an entry and I have discovered my love for make-ups. Yay for more things to blog about!

Now on to my outfit:"I used to shy away from garterized off-shoulders 'cause I couldn't - AND STILL CAN'T - stand the hassle of pulling it back down in its place whenever it goes up, although dont get me wrong, I LOVE OFF SHOULDERS!! Recently, I found a hack on how to make it stay in its place and from then I went full blast in buying them. Video on that soon! (Working on a youtube channel cos gotta keep up!)

As for my jeans, I finally found the perfect distressed skinny jeans at Bershka, its my go to shop for jeans and basically everything! I am so happy that they are already in Cebu! And lastly to cap my outfit, my trusty sparkly pair from Cotton On which is the epitome of comfort. Always good to leave a little sparkle on your step!

Floral Off Shoulder Top- Surplus Shop
Distressed Jeans- Bershka
Silver Sparkly Flats- Cotton ON

P.S Working on getting a domain name! Much Love, Coleen xo

Photos by: Phil Evardo

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