Sunday, September 4, 2016


Getting consistent are we? Haha! Yup I am on to my second comeback post! Still working on my domain!
For today's post, I'm gonna show you a secret spot and a really quaint pastry shop in the busy streets of Lahug, Cebu - Marisse Patisserie. Located at 32 Sanson by Rockwell, it boasts a really picturesque and instagrammable interior. See for yourself!

 Fun fact: Filling in the gap, I used to work for 32 Sanson by Rockwell as a Sales Executive but mahina ang benta ng ate mo, so I left the company. Haha! (Cos I kinda have to) Nothing but honesty here guys. Although I have nothing but praises for its management. Rockwell showed me the world and opportunities of Sales, hence that is where my career path is headed now.

Now before this post becomes all about my career lets stick to the story of the outfit!

 I already knew we were heading to Marisse. Now this shop wasn't there when I was still working for Rockwell so it was a first for me since the boyfriend had broker duties to attend to next door so I decided to check it out.

 It so happened that my baby brother (yup! filling in the gaps again: I have a baby brother! like an infant baby brother) turned 3 months that day,  so we brought him there. Originally, I wanted to wear something feminine to be at par with Marisse's interior, but knowing our baby will be coming with us, I decided not to push through.

Also, the weather has dramatically changed. Its already September and the heat still feels like summer. So guys, let us do our job to take care of Mother Earth, please! The weather affects my decision making in "Hmm what should I wear?"

I ended up wearing with a fuss free top and a denim pencil skirt which I got on SALE!!! I was thinking "What could I possibly add to make this more stylish?" But the heat says "Nope, stay in your tank top."
Capped off my outfit with  pointy, studded flats.

Blue Tank- Forever21
Denim Pencil Skirt-Forever21
Red Belt- Uniqlo
Mint Studded Flats- Tutum



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