Sunday, September 11, 2016

Baby Friendly

 Since Little Noah came into my life, my big sister instincts has become more maternal. I feel more like a Mom than an Ate to him. I feel a lot of emotions. I get proud of every development Noah makes. I make sure to give him whatever he needs. When we learned my Mom was pregnant, I was the first to anticipate what the baby might need. There was a time when all my shopping expenses were all for Noah and none for me. And it still felt gratifying. I sacrificed a bit of myself for him and that includes my OOTD's. Haha.

Aside from the baby affecting how I dress up, I can also say that it comes with age. Long gone are the mini + body hugging dresses (although I kept my favorites haha). I never saw myself wearing culottes. My hemlines have dramatically changed. I am more of a flats girl than a heels girl now. I fell in love with sneakers. 

One of the things I consider when picking out an outfit is where I'll be going, who I'll be with and what the activities I'll be doing for the day. And for this day, we went to the mall and shopped for Noah with the baby tagging along. I made sure I was wearing something with sleeves because our baby is at the stage where he drools.  I  just dont want him drooling on my skin because I applied some products like lotion and whatnot. Most importantly I made sure to wear a comfy flats and jeans. Speaking of jeans, I got these at Surplus Shop, I swear they have really good finds there! Also I got my Top at F21 at 250 PH Peso only! Steal!

What do you think?

Top and Inner Tank - Forever 21
Jeans- Surplus Shop
Flats- Hue Manila

Photos by Arlo Villasin and Phil Evardo

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