Sunday, June 15, 2014

Too Much Revenge

 Do you ever had those times that you get inspired with whatever youre currently addicted to? Like for example a series? and its protagonist? Well in my case, i am currently obsessed with Revenge's Emily Thorne. I love love love her business casual outfits. Theyre all so classy and chic. And as of this writing i am actually wearing another Emily Thorne inspired outfit. Haha.

 Can you believe that i got this pants at Forever21 for 300 plus only? I have never regretted buying this. And can you see how versatile this top is? Youve seen me wearing this with shorts for a casual and laid back look and now im presenting you a smart casual look!

 I dont know really, if its Revenge or the fact that im done with college. My outfit choices have suddenly become different. I buy more classics nowadays.

 Wore this outfit to church. Imagine how id look like if i put on some blazer? 

Forever21 Pants
Cotton On Necklace
Old Sunnies
Primark Bag
SM Parisian D'orsay Pumps

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