Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Sweater Leather

Who knew sweater and pencil skirts would look good together. Not to mention with a touch of leather. I have always wanted to wear a sweater+pencil skirt combo.


 I only see them in the movies as the "simple girl" outfit. Or the loser profile outfit. Of course mine is sans the socks. I paired it with mid heels instead to make it more me. And of course since grey could get boring at times. I added a beaded purple necklace just to brighten the ensemble a bit. Grey and black is such an off color. 

I wore this outfit to church. Let me tell you a secret. I go to church near my place. And most Sundays i wear "experiments". Experiments are outfit that i want to try but afraid of doing so. So i i experiment my clothes to church. So that if and ever id have a fashion faux pas. Its not too far to go home. Just in case the outfit doesnt work. Sometimes too i wear my new stuffs to church. Recent acquisitions. Its sort of a christening for new clothes. Haha me and my weirdness. 

Forever 21 Pencil Skirt with Leather inset
SM parisian Heels

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