Friday, June 27, 2014

Parisian Life

Welcome to La Vie Parisienne! If youre from Cebu you'll definitely know this place. And it is not flocked by Cebuanos nowadays but also with tourists! La Vie Parisienne is a winery and deli at the same time. They sell french goodies like bread and wine. Imported from France. As for the breads, only the ingredients are French. Anyway, La Vie Parisienne has become so popular for Cebuanos because of its scenic and very picturesque place. Which you will see in the next following photos since i am lost for words on how to describe the place. 

One of the best croissants in town. Of course since its really legit. HAHA
The famous swing.

Caught Instagramming. HAHA
This is how it looks like when the sun starts to set and the artificial lights come alive. 
Truth be told, this place is quite mainstream here in Cebu, this place gets crowded at night, so if you wanna go there and take pictures, be sure to arrive early, like 3 in the afternoon to avoid lots of people. 

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