Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Ormoc Sea Wall

I have been going to Ormoc ever since i was a kid because i have cousins over there and we are pretty tight.

The last time i went to Ormoc was in the year 2010 and after Yolanda hit Ormoc this was the first time i stepped into this beloved town. The remnants of Yolanda is very visible. Again i wish i brought my camera with me to share with you my experience but sadly i was clouded by my new iPhone hahaha i almost abandoned this blog. Sighs. 

So on to my outfit, i wore this on my first day exploring ormoc again. This time with open eyes, mind and heart. Ever since ive gone deeper with the degree i finished which is Tourism i have become curious with the world. I craved for adventures and seeking out, exploring places. 

This part of Ormoc is called the Sea Wall, its near the plaza and the pier. Actually everything there is so near. Which is perfect if you wanna get away for awhile. A break from the city life. My sister travelled with me and we really waited for sunset here which was always glorious!

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