Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Love Affair

 I hated cropped tops! I have insecurities when it comes to my tummy. I think we all have them. But along the way i have learned to be comfortable with my body. I have shoved off my insecurities and embraced myself.

 So just this summer i started to collect different kinds of cropped tops! Cropped tops screams summer anyway.

The best thing about cropped tops are: they're very chic and stylish. And they go with some of the things i have in my closet like: high waisted skirts and shorts. Or high waisted pants. But if you are confident enough and brave enough to go mid-waist + cropped top combo then bravo to ya! 
Don't get me wrong though, i am not THAAAT confident to pull this outfit off. Im just heading to the waters thats why i was comfortable showing some skin. Haha. 

Would you wear this to the malls?


Sorry for the drastic edit ! HAHAHA

Lets Stylize-Cropped Top
WAGW-Tweed shorts


  1. I might get stomach pains (panuhot) if I wear crop tops for too long. hehe. but it looks super cute you look great in it as well:)


    1. Hi Steph! I had that problem as well so i really make sure to wear cropped tops with exposed belly at the beach lang gyud hahaha thank you! :)


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