Friday, June 13, 2014

I cant help

 Aside from the cropped tops, i have also acquired a great interests with bodysuits. I love how they fit perfectly. And of course no bulges when you tuck them in. Because you must tuck them in! HAHA duh
I wore this bodysuit with a denim shorts for a change. Bodysuits are mostly worn with pants, or fancy shorts, and skirts. And the body suit looks classy, so why not pair classy and street-style right?

 My shorts are DIY and i made them. I always have a thing for DIY's. Oh the things that my hands can do for the love of fashion and style :)

Forever 21 BodySuit
Denim Shorts DIY
Primark Bag
People are People Flats

Special Thanks to Hazel (my cousin) for taking my outfit shots for this day!
Much love :*

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