Saturday, June 7, 2014

Hyped Up

Remember Hyper Cebu? Well it was indeed HyperFun! It was my first time to experience selling my pre loved clothes in a bazaar with a booth along with the other Cebu Bloggers. All i can say is that even if my items werent sold out, it was all worth it, even if the heat was insane the experience was priceless! Thank you so much for having me. Especially Rabs of Finlust! Thank you, you were so accommodating! :*

With me in my booth is my bestfriend and her boyfriend and my cousin who's gonna attend at USC this coming school year! So you'll be seeing more of her!

 Got this notebook in one of the stalls there, its actually recycled. I had to buy one since my notebook i brought with me got wet and my inventory and prices were smudged :(

 Special thanks to my bestfriend who lend me her clothes rack and her boxes and scarf because i was so unprepared since it was my first time to set up a stall i didnt have any idea what it would look like so i came with just the clothes and some hangers! Haha

And to my cousin Hazel who had the patience to man my blog while me and Christine tried to roam around and check out the other stuffs on sale! haha i love you tons! :* 

And my late visitors at Hyper Cebu! Steph and Kc! Who actually went for the party but was disappointed because the crowd was all kids! hahaha

And having fun with the #GoRage   icon. They have a booth there as well and they sell really really cute socks!

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