Monday, June 30, 2014

Hair it is

Okay. So i cut my hair. No big deal. It was foreseen actually! But wait, its actually a big deal! Huhu because the length of my hair is only nice for straight hairs. But my natural locks are big and wavy and i have a really thick hair. Ugh. But moving on, im glad i got rid of my ombre. It was nice for a while. But now i want to tone down my look. 

And due to this event of my life. I have come to realize that, i can NEVER ever picture myself having a permanent straight hair anymore. Which is what i was accustomed to growing up. 

I will always miss my big waves. And the fact how those waves are so effortless. I dont even brush my hair. And the thing with straight hair is they look so prim and proper. I like my curls very well. They look fun! So with that said, once my hair would grow back in its usual bra length, im off to the salon again for what seems like an annual digital perm. 

Im such a bun kinda girl. So perm works for me. As of this writing i also realized a lot of things, like the fact that i am knowing myself more. Okay now that sounds deep. Familiar view right?
Well for those who know me will know where i am. And yes i paid a visit to my dear alma mater. Which i miss so much already. Ohh the days of financially dependent is long gone. Actually i just went there to check on my TOR and Diploma which is alas, unavailabe for me just yet. And went off to Jonas Borces for my hair! Of course i think you know which is the post and pre haircut photos. 

Do tell which one you think suits me?
Id love to know! xo

Old Gold Shirt
Forever21 Jeans
Choies Heels
Old necklace
Accessorize Bag

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  1. hi !
    nice blog and lovely outfit posts!

    started following you the way, also from CEBU =)
    pls follow me too... =) see yah around!


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