Monday, June 23, 2014


Ohhh summer how you come too long and go by so fast! I cant believe its already June. The reality is calling me. Its sinking in. I am an unemployed fresh graduate. 

For my last summer outing, my cousins and i, and my sister went to this wonderful place near our home. 

Am i wearing a black sexy dress? Yes. Black dress in broad daylight as they say "brave". This dress is actually my graduation dress hahahaha medyo pasaway huh? I actually thought id get in trouble for wearing this. But they didnt check underneath the toga. So yeah.

Aside from the sexy dress, paired with slippers? Of course im hitting the waters. Slippers are always summer's bestfriend. And not to mention the cap? Well summer heat, summer heat. And to top
it all off i think i pulled it off. Dont you think? 

Always go what you feel like wearing because there might be some
Fashion Rules but the truth is you can create your own rules! Style is art. And if it means wearing a sack means expressing yourself then go for it. Screw them other people! If they judge you, then they dont know you enough. Because in this world, the people who judge you the most are the people who know you less. 

Hope you like these photos from my last summer getaway. Actually its not much of a getaway since its closer to where i live. 

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