Monday, June 9, 2014

Double Slits

 I have always had a thing for florals, maxis and slits. And they are all rolled into one in this maxi skirt i am

Honestly, i have been looking for a maxi that has double slits. Like slits in each side. Because some of the skirts i own only has one. So imagine my delight when i saw this? And when i actually wore it, it feels perfect. Like i found love in this maxi. No bull here. I love the skirt. 

 Maxi skirts calls for lazy days when all you wanna do is chill. Of course i wanna chill in style. Haha i prepared this outfit on my last day for HyperCebu . But unfortunately i wasnt able to attend due to my monthly visit. A.K.A red lady. Which drained the energy out of me. Ugh. 

 Its a must to be comfortable while i man my booth and sell my stuffs since its Sunday. Sundays for me means the last day to be lazy. So there you go. 

Do i look chill? Or lazy enough? Haha

WAGW top | Lets Stylize Maxi Skirt | People are People Flats

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