Sunday, June 29, 2014


Can you feel my love affair with crop tops? It has really evolved this summer. I dont know why. 

Wore this ensemble to lunch with a friend and to pick up my USB full of series episodes. Which my friend kindly downloaded for me! If youre reading this Franc, thanks again! I still owe you! 

Aside from the evolution of my cropped top collection. My shopping skills has also taken me to another level. And thats being wiser. I can now leave clothes i really really like, so i can think about them and so i wont have dead clothes in my closet anymore. This cropped top was one of those, there were only two left and  f21 was going to close for the Holy Week so i had a lot of time to think if i should be getting it. And if its for me. It will still be there when i get back. Thats one of my shopping mantras. 

And lo and behold. Its really mine for the taking! Im not saying im super wiser. Im still weak when it comes to shopping but this is a milestone! 

F21 top
Wagw shorts
Sm parisian heels

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