Sunday, June 22, 2014


I dont know if i have mentioned this but, i am more of a flats girl now. But of course my love for high heels will never fade. So ive been looking for more pairs of flats. And one day at the mall i was just looking over Suelas displays and new arrivals. 

The lady at Suelas was very accomodating when its pretty obvious im
not really buying at that time. Suelas has a really3 nice collection of flats. And comfortable is an understatement when it comes to their footwears. So i looked up their instagram site and found more designs. Specially the old designs. 

And since im a newly proclaimed (by myself) wise shopper, i left my heart with the Anzuelos i found at Suelas and went digging about the quality and what people has to say about Suelas. 

Aaaaannnd its not me that testifies but each article ive read says its the most comfortable pair they own. The only consistent comment i got from my research is that the quality is not so good. Based on a 3 to 4 times a week of usage. No worries for me though, because i dont overuse my stuffs. Specially my favorites! Buttt according to recent testimonies Suelas's quality has improved over time. 

Well you know what happened next, i guess. Finally got my Anzuelos!! In gold. I have a thing for golds. Haha

And yes. It comes with a bag. How cool is thaaaat! Definitely checking out Suelas every now and then! Thank you Suelas!! 

Support Local! 

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