Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The next day

Wore this outfit to meet up a friend from MNL last March. How time flies fast. I havent even graduated in this photo haha and now its almost 2 months since i graduated. 

Anyway, i wore this maroon top because i  think it looks decent and chic at the same time. Dont you agree? If youve been following me on Instagram then you'd know i got this in two colors. And i regretted of not buying the black and white which is the most classic of all colors. Lately ive been buying pieces that i can definitely reuse. Basic pieces. And if theyre cheap i get them in every color. 

So since i am meeting up a friend. I opted to pair it with my gold highwaisted quilted shorts. And im ready for a Friday night. The thing with this top is, its very versatile. You can also wear this with a blazer and pants for a formal look. Or a skirt for a sexy/preppy look (depends on the type of skirt really) or this, shorts for a more casual and laidback look!

Top from WAGW
Shorts from ASOS
Flats from Vince Camuto NY

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