Saturday, May 3, 2014


 Do you have those days where youre just too lazy too dress up and you just wanna wear PJs and a loose top and the feels like youre just at home? Well of course you do! HAHAHA because i always have those days and i am very much prepared for my lazy days because i have invested a lot PJ pants, i swear they are the most comfortable thing in the world, and very chic. They look sooo effortless! AAAnd i have been investing in these kinds of tops as well! This i got at Cotton On Davao,, in SM Lanang! But good news is, Cotton ON will now open in Cebu! In Ayala Center Cebu to be exact and i ammm soooo happy because Cotton On has lots of chic items and are very affordable! So excited!! <3

 Wore this outfit to one of my yoga sessions. Very easy to slip in and out of my yoga attire. 

Top-Cotton On
Shoes- SM Parisian

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