Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Festive Feels

Hiii everyone! I am currently blogging from my phone. I am just testing whether it would suit my preferences! and of course the sets of photos are taken by my #SmartiPhone5c. I love the quality of the photos really. I just wish apple would give a huge gap in producing another iPhone. I heard 6 is coming up! And its so sleek! Ughhh!! But anyway on to my outfit:

I wore this outfit on my 3rd Day in Ormoc!  Where we went to a family friend's house for dinner. Heard there was a fiesta going on. Nomnom! Well what could be more festive than my top right? I love how my crop top isnt waay to short. Its just enough to meet all my highwaist nottoms yes? For my instagram followers this top is a"weekend special" from #Forever21PH, actually i never knew there was such thing, i had to ask the sales team what does weekend special means. It means every weekend. They pull out sets of clothes only for the weekend. So if it doesnt get sold out they'll just gonna put it back in their stock room or something. So since my top
only costs 295, i bought it in every print and color! Thats always the rule for everything cheap and basic!

Skater Skirt-Downtown Finds
Foldable Flats-CMG

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