Thursday, April 24, 2014

Getting the hang

 aaaahhhhh!! finally after a very long hiatus, i have found the luxury of time to blog! I guess i could never abandon this baby. writing (typing) keeps me sane! I have been crazy busy with all the graduation requirements i have to do and the graduation itself, i dont even have time to take some outfit shots! but truth be told, i have grown tired of taking outfit shots, like photo sets. So, i am going to make some changes around here. I will no longer take sets of photos for one outfit, itll only be one photo per outfit or two. The most important thing is i can blog about it. If you like to stay and see the changes, thanks! If not, its okay. Im blogging for myself and no one else! :)

Now lets proceed to my outfit, i wore this outfit to my sisters annual family day.

I was actually a bit "hung-over" this day and i had to wake up a little early than my usual so i could attend the event. Since the family day fell on a Sunday and Saturdays are usually my "night-out" days. I was in a bad state that morning and all i could do was laugh at my sisters presentation together with her class! HAHAHA sounds bully, i know, but hey we all have those days where we are just really mean, and this blog will be nothing but honesty ;) no room for bullshit here! But anyway, the great part of the day was the FOOOOD!!! HAHA Lechon iss the best, we cebuanos take pride for that.

And as always i  enjoyed the festivities no matter what the state i was in. And what contributed was feeling good about yourself and one of those things is wearing something that makes you feel confident. Like this galaxy top from WAGW and black skater skirt! Its just the nitty gritty but as long as you pull everything off with confidence i think you can convince people that you look good!


Skirt-Downtown Finds
Flats-SM parisian
Bag-SM Parisian
WAtch- Cotton On

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