Saturday, May 3, 2014

Empty Halls

 First of all, i want to apologize if my photos have been of bad quality as of late. One of the things i hate about having to keep up with this blog is to produce good quality photos, i mean who doesnt want that right? But unfortunately, i am a commuter and i dont want to always carry a huge DSLR in my bag just for the sake of taking outfit shots, i mean i have to #getreal right? Its not like im gaining profit from this anyway, this is just for fun and for my writing needs! :)

I am actually back to using my #Samsung digital camera and having a hard time adjusting to it again. but no worries because i am having lots of fun with my #SmartiPhone5c which produces good quality of photos.

Wore this outfit on my usual Sunday grind, attending mass. I kinda owe God a lot in all aspects in my life. So before i go personal here let me just tell you how much i paid for my skirt. 175 pesos. I know right? Its very cheap. And very chic! And perfect for the real world. A.k.a looking for jobs or maybe even getting one soon! It all depends. All i know is that its a very good investment. :)

skirt -SM GTW
Heels- Janilyn

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