Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Hiyyyya! Found a little time to spare for this blog!! I just got home from an intense yoga session. Its my stress reliever. Am i stress? Hell yes! Work has taken up sooo much of my time :( And all the things in between! Like graduation requirements, tons of them actually, so as much as possible during my free time, i do something "healthy" like exercise and the likes. Or relax, like watch a movie or spend time with friends. I barely go online anymore! So that is why, it is already February and im still stuck with my Davao posts which is from December haha

Wore this outfit to another day around Davao, and this time around with my other brother Chaddy! He took my photos for this day as well! Hooray! I actually planned to bring all my new and unused clothes for this trip and this top was one of the things that really caught my eye on the racks of WAGW. I love that the sleeve is long but it still shows your arms, its sort of a slit! 

Paired by one of my favorite leather shorts from WAGW as well! 

Top and Bottom-WAGW
Shoes-SM Parisian
Necklace-Cotton On
Fedora Hat-SM Accessories

Hope you like itt! :)


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