Friday, February 21, 2014


Hell--oooo! I wanna take this moment to thank youuuu for visiting my blog! And if youre reading this thank you as well for taking the time. I just wanna tell everyone that from now on, i will no longer focus on this blog though i will still be updating from time to time, when i like. The thing is, i will no longer take photos of myself like its an obligation i need to do, i will only do it, when i like. So expect some looong hiatus-es and thank you so much for the time!

I wore this outfit to meet up with an old friend the day i came home from Davao! And boooy i did not regret getting this black top from F21! HAHA and also this skirt from WAGW which i got in time for the holidays! Not all that glitters are gold, sometimes its silver. HAHAHA

Pardon my photos, there is something wrong with the camera im using. The AF (Auto Focus) doesnt work anymore. If you know something, do tell! haha

Photos of me by; Mark!


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