Sunday, January 26, 2014

Leopard and Lace

Holla! From DVO City! Kidding! Though these photos are taken at Abreeza Mall in Davao just over the holidays. Exactly after Christmas, i finally had a glimpse of what the city has to offer and it was a great experience though minus the HEAVY traffic. HEAVIER than Cebu. Though nothing beats home! I know i have lots of backlog posts, like 2013 posts HAHA i apologize for the lack of updates. Its been really crazy here. I am also going through a rough phase in my life, to the point of asking myself if i should stop this blog! I just dont enjoy it anymore as much as i do before. Sighs.

Anyway, I wore this outfit at the airport and went straight ahead to hit the malls when i got there. Talk about shopping euphoria! HAHA they had shops there thats not here in Cebu which made me sooooo excited! I dont wanna spoil though, i still have two mroe Davao posts to fill for you guys! So i hope you would stay tuned for that.

Wore my Leopard shirt going there for comfort since my flight was a little too early in the morning and of course flying in loose pants is ideal. I was very amazed by the architecture of Abreeza, every mall is different from the other but are still somehow connected.

I swear i did a lot of touristy things there like wanting to have my picture taken here! Where the water sprouts taller than me. We do NOT have this in Ayala Center Cebu! HAHA
This is not just some pants though, theyre my favorite. Ive been always having a hard time finding the "right" pair of square pants, wide leg pants for myself. Pants are tricky, they can make or break your legs HAHAHA

More on my Davao Trip soon! Been really busy with graduation stuffs and everything else ni between!

Shoes-SM Parisian

Special Thanks to my Sister Leera for taking the shots <3


  1. great outfit :) I haven't been in Davao in sooo long..

    1. Thnks Steph! :) Davao is a really great city! :)


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