Thursday, January 9, 2014

Holiday Colors Part 2

 Happy New Year everyone!!
Yes Yes, im too bright and colorful yes? This was on the 23rd of December where my friends and i and co-interns as well decided to exchange our gifts on this day. And its also the last day of duty for the year so i feel very happy and relaxed. :)

 One thing also, is i finally found the perfect square pants, wide leg pants or whatever you wanna call it, that fits my size and body type. Thanks to WAGW for that. HAHAHA

 So for our exchanging gifts, we used the method Kris Kringle, since there were 4 of us! We then placed our wishlist on a chatbox so our Manita's can pick from it and well you know the drill. BTW, we did the exchanging of presents in our pantry since some of us had to leave early for other commitments, you know how the season works!

 This is my Manita :) Steph, who also contributed some of my photos here in my blog! It was such a fun experience that i get to pick her, because we spend a lot of time together. When she window shopped for her wishlist i was with her! Makes buying the gift for her so much easier! HAHA
This is what she wants! And she got it! HAHAH :)

 Me with Candice and Bea.  
 Forgive that, thats just my pacute photo hahaha

 Me and Candice. And my too obvious gift!
A yoga mat! Thanks sooo much looove!

What did you got for Christmas?


  1. love the colors and its nice to see your get together with your friends :)

    1. Tis the season to be merry as they say hehe :)


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