Friday, January 17, 2014

Come Sit With Me

 Wore this outfit for the annual Christmas Dinner and of course hearing mass for the day! Since it was the holiday, the perfect thing to wear is always always a dress. Though i know that the color of my dress isnt really Christmasy, even the design. But what they hey right? HAHA

 Along with the dress is this striped cardi which i super love. I wore this because i am already wearing a mini dress and it's sleeveless. B. Because it's new and i wanna use it. haha but it work yes? it blended very well with the print on my dress.

 Cinched my waist with my vintage belt because the dress hangs loosely and the cardigan was already flowy! So you NEED to cinch it!

 And to cap my outfit is this snakeskin low heeled which i looove so much! I spend more on low heeled shoes and flats than the high heeled ones. Growing up, it's more of a mature decisions when picking up shoes, but of course if i have extra moolah it wont hurt to indulge with my addiction with sky high heels! After all, they are great investments ;)

As of this writing i am in my Pj's , i just got up from a lovely sleep after having such a blast last night at the Life Dance event, Sinulog is probably the highlight of the year for the Cebuanos and especially in our tourism sector (ehem! sounded like a real tourism person) hahaha More on that soon though! For now im gonna leave you with my Christmas Day outfit because i have another yet epic back to back party to catch! If youre from Cebu or not from Cebu but in Cebu, head over to Cable Car at Ma. Luisa Rd for ETC Paintensity Party @ 3pm and Barcode Tonight with Elmer Dado and Grupo Tribale! Its gonna be a fun fun night! Pit Senyor!

Striped Cardigan-WAGW
Vintage Belt-Etsy

Ending this post with December 25th's moon. :)

Credits to my sister for the lovely photos!

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