Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Too Early

Just a quick post before i throw myself into the pit of my nightmares *psssh* and lose myself in my dreams and pause life for awhile. Im just dead tired from all the yoga i did today. I swear i never sweat this much! It was fun though, been doing it for quite some time now. But anyway, back to my outfit!

Wore this outfit on a coffee date  with a friend. Sometimes when i dress up, if my mood is a whack i think of what i havent worn YET with the person im going to meet. For example, i think about what i wore when i first met someone, and what i havent wore. HAHA i know, sounds crazy but hey, we all have our own ideas. Yes? So for this case, since i was wearing a skort when i met the person im about to meet when i wore this, (am i making sense? hahah) i decided to wear a shorts! i also wanted to feel formal yet casual, that explains the blazer.
Blazer- SM GTW
Old tank top
WAGW Leather Shorts
So fab! Leopard Loafers

Gotta hit the hay!

1 comment:

  1. very cute outfit, love the shorts :)



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