Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Since i started working/intern(ing) hahaha for Cathay Pacific my schedule was waaaaay overbooked! And for this id like to qoute Roz Bailey "For a girl in her twenties, im waaay overbooked" I feel the same way, since then, i have been very busy to the point that my room is such a mess, there are clothes and bags everywhere! And i have no time to clean my clutter. Sadly, i dont even have time to update my daily planner. Im always home late or sooo tired that all i do is crash in bed. Sighs. So on weekends i make it to a point to de-stress. Either i go out to party or just chill, but take note i still have to render 3 hours of duties on weekends. Not until recently, since our tie up with Marco Polo just ended. It felt liberating actually. I spent my first free weekend at home, cleaning my room and organizing and catching up lots of sleep! For today's post, this outfit was worn in one of the many Sunday's i de-stress from work. 

 Just a simple TOP and Shorts and flats combo. Finally got the chance to wear this peplum top with a lower V back paired with my knitted shorts that my bestfriend got me a year ago. And to cap it all off, my always and reliable Vince Camuto Flats :)

Top from SM GTW

Thanks for taking my Photos Stephy! <3

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  1. Stressed but well dressed :) good luck on your internship!


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