Wednesday, December 11, 2013

November Acquisitions

Just a few stuffs i got from the month of November which includes a skater skirt in black btw, its not in the photo because it was in my laundry haha but anyway, on to my acquisitions. I know theyre so few and i have never been so proud of myself! I have learned to kick my shopping habits goodbye! (NOT!) Im just kidding, im never giving up this therapy, just learning to control and make it healthy. Yes?

Since the holidays are fast approaching, malls are having their super sales as well, and Forever21 is no exception. Last time of this year, Forever21 has this 50 and 50 percent additional sale. More like 75% off. And around that time, i scoured a LOT of items, but this year, they still have the same percentage off, only they had it in Buy one Take one. Pay the higher price. Surprisingly, i only got TWO items, the black sleeveless top and the mint top! Ive been shopping a lot of TOPS lately, mainly because theyre the least i have in my closet and given my current situation right now, with the internship and all, i need more tops than ever. I also got myself a lace clutch bag for my night outs, my friend finds me annoying because i always bring big bags around haha Its on sale @ SM, super steal!

And lastly, the purple top from WAGW, also from their year end sale.

Thats all for now! Hoping for a shorter list of acquisitions for the month of December!

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  1. I jumped on this years sale too it was super hot in there and very messy but that's what happen when you mix sale with girls and forever21 :) i shopped for more dressy tops because Im tired of always wearing t shirts :)


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