Monday, December 30, 2013

Holiday Colors

Holla everyone! I hope you all had a very feastful holidays! haha This is my first attempt to do night shots so please bear with me! Though i am pretty happy with the outcome compared to my other night shots that i never posted. One of the big problems blogging is posting good photos and you know that its always better with the natural light as your lighting. I wore this outfit to one of the Christmas Parties me and my family attended.

So to dress for such occasions, i pulled out all my colorful outfits to create a very happy and festive look. Thus, the mint top from Forever21 that i got on their Buy 1 Take 1 sale earlier this December. Paired with my WAGW skirt, bought for office purposes when i was stocking up some skirts for my Internship.

Finished off my outfit with my white sling backs from SM Parisian for a corporate vibe since it was a company party i was attending and used my lace clutch from WWW.

Earrings and Top from F21
Skirt from WAGW
Clutch and Slingbacks from SM Department Store

What are your holiday colors?


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