Sunday, November 24, 2013


Do you sometimes wish, in the middle of it all, whether its work related, school related, or personal stuffs you could just run away and get away from everything because its eating you up and you just need to breathe. This is exactly what i was feeling, a month ago when finals has finally taken its toll, take note im on my senior year so it was really tough. Though my priorities remain the same, thats why instead of packing my bags and go somewhere south or north, i hit the nearest beach i could find. And even just for a day, i could breathe. 

Since i live in Cebu, the beach are just 30 minutes away. Though if youre up for paradise and adventure, it doesnt hurt to travel 4-5 hours to get there. But since it was finals week, i just had to take what i can get. And that is Mactan Island. Dont get me wrong though, Mactan Island offers a lot, its the home of the luxurious resorts here in Cebu, i just love to escape somewhere the provincial life has to offer. Plain and Simple yet beautiful in ways you can never understand.

Watch from Fossil
Due to the current stress in my life, i did not need the gym haha im so thin now. Anyway, this short getaway allowed me to finally wear my peplum top from GTW which is my favorite actually. Feels like summer already yes? And my new favorite flats that goes with almost anything.
Bikini Top-F21
Bikini Bottoms-MissC

And so, i would like to end this post to my new obsession. Moons. Haha i found it very romantic nowadays. and in a very good way.


Gotta hit the hay! Its monday and im wiped out!
CATHAY beckons!

For you who didnt know i am currentl having my internship with Cathay Pacific right now.

X and O's

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