Sunday, November 10, 2013

October Acquisitions

 First of all, i would like to dedicate this months's acquisition to WAGW haha for having a GREAT SALE i couldnt pass up, on the brighter side, i was able to get my privilege card because of the amount i accumulated! So sorry for the delay but here goes my loot!
This chevron dress/hw skirt is so perfect for the upcoming christmas holiday parties! Super steal @ 50% off!
A striped boyfriend polo dress, because stripes are totally eye catching and polo's have been my thing lately ;)
This white bondage skirt with neon insets is perfect for my internship. A steal at 200 ish! 
One of my wishlist, or clothes/styles to have, finally i found the PERFECT Palazzo Pants.
A bright yellw skort!
Parisian Foldies. Its more of a necessity yes? Specially when work requires wearing heels. 
This patent flats from SM Parisian as well was love at first sight!
A maxi dress with a scuba neckline. This is a downtown find BTW
And this white dress with collar, its a super steal too @ 399. And its sooo chic! :)
More from WAGW is this pink denim skirt at the bottom right!
Middle printed skirt from SM GTW.
Top striped Top from SM GTW and
a skater skirt which i got downtown.

A sequined beret from Forever21.

Leather T-shorts w fold, L, MarLeather T-shorts w fold, L, Blk
and lastly, yes these tres tres tres chic leather shorts from WAGW which i got in two colors!

I hope you loved my loots as much as i did!


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  1. Supper cute buys! I should check out their sales sometimes I usually gravitate to Forever21..


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