Wednesday, November 6, 2013


While everyone is so busy preppin and talkin about the coming supertyphoon, i couldnt even bring myself to actually talk about it nor prepare like crazy because im still hoping it wont affect Cebu as much. Truth be told i am so scared about it and all i could do is hope and pray! :( #PrayForThePhilippines So much lives has been spared already from the recent earthquake and now we are facing again another storm to overcome.

To make things lighter though (i hope) i wore this outfit to church with my cousin and sister.
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Inspired by my very own fashion icon: Blake Lively! <3

Its not exactly alike but i love the multiple straps. When i saw these babies ON SALE at Forever21 it was a sure buy!

Another thing is this breezy polo i got from Coco Cabana, the colors are so refreshing to the eyes and i just love the graphics dont you? So since its a little long, long enough to cover the part where camel toes formed when you wear leggings. Faux leather leggings with mesh insets!
Here's a stolen shot of me pouting haha

Top-Coco Cabana
Bag-Estee Lauder

Stay Safe everyone! And always PRAY :)

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