Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Clean Slate

Its been a week or so since the super typhoon Yolanda wrecked havoc in our country, particularly in my region and the aftermath has been very devastating and the world knows. On the brighter side of everything, we have also witnessed how the world responded and helped each other, just forget the part where the Philippine government was questioned if this help would go to the people who are in dire need of it. But of course we all hope it will. 

We can always start over, and that's what my title is all about. Everyone of us has its own typhoons in life. Not literally though. As for me, i'd like to start with a clean slate. I am in a new chapter in my life where i could confidently say i am wiser and stronger than i was before and that i have never been more proud of myself. 

On to my outfit, i wore this little white dress at a christening of my friends child. Which also inspired me to use the title clean slate. I have been lovin white dresses recently as much as i love little black dresses now. But before that though, we hoarded sweets from Dolce.

Christening, Birthdays, are a great transitions in life. Its like going into a new chapter, a different page of your journey, and its always good to always start over. And we are given that chance everyday when our eyes starts to open. As for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan, i think that they are strong enough to survive the strongest storm ever and i think they would also surpass the things that they are going through and strong enough to start over again. And since we are talking about christening, i have also read from magazines about babies being born in the middle of the storm. Now thats one hell of a survivor. 

I wont say my life's a total bliss now but i would like to say that i am perfectly happy right now, truly happy. And there are still more lessons that i have learned and yet to learn but all i can say is when life kicks you in the ass, try and learn to accept it and happiness will follow. 

I'd like to special mention and feature my friend Stephy who took these gorgeous photos of me! Thanks babe!

I can do this. You can do this. We can do this.

Dress from WAGW
Flats from Parisian
Watch from Fossil


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