Wednesday, October 30, 2013


 August has become my favorite month! Aside from the fact that its the month where i turn a year older. August also holds a lot of festivities. Like intramurals and well this year. UNIVERCITY. Univercity is a party for a cause if i am not mistaken, its a joint project of the government aiming to gather all college universities in a one huge whopping party. There are carnivals and lots of food booths inside the area. It was held @ SRP sugbo grounds. A line up of local bands for the not so party people and five awesome DJ's for all the party people. 

 So to dress for the occasion. I made sure i am in my most comfortable self. That calls for a sexy or breezy top, a chic shorts and cute flats! And et voila! I came up with this

 A nude bustier, highwaist floral shorts and my floral maryjanes. You might wonder why i have this sequined cardi on. Truth be told, i dated my sister before the event. Hahaha We grabbed a very early dinner and stuffed on some desserts @ Maitre Chocolatier.

 I had a very fun night. One for the books actually. Met some cool people. It was so fun i didnt bother taking

Nude Corset- Cy
Sequined Jacket-Marian's
Highwaist Shorts- NEXT
Floral Mary Janes-Solemate
Bag-SM Parisian

Here are just a few snippets from this day! So sorry you guys!

Here are photos from the party grabbed from various sites:

I know that this is a looong overdue post. Still! Happy Halloween!
See you at the Annual Halloween Ball tonight!

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